Monday, May 23, 2011

Apple Changed The Life Of Sir Newton

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) is one of the few most influential scientists who ever lived. We know these names familiar from his theory of gravity, although gravity is not the only Newton's monumental discoveries. Newton was also bequeathed to us the concept of the light spectrum. He also noted as the inventor of the telescope reflection. Similarly, the law of motion which can explain many things about the orbits of celestial bodies, including our earth.

The birth of the law of gravity does have many versions. Some believe that the idea of gravity came after an apple fell on his head. Another version states that the source of the idea of ​​just when he saw the moon that hangs in the sky. In his biography instead told that the idea about the theory of gravitation was born after she remembered a childhood game: A bucket full of water tight rotated in a vertical axis so that the water in the bucket does not overflow even if the position of the bucket upside down.

Today, more than three hundred years after Newton formulated his theories, his findings are still relevant. During his life, Newton probably never imagined that the launching of rockets and interplanetary travel can now be done based on the formula which he discovered. Is not the concept of a spectrum of light used to measure the shift of the star is the fruit of Newton's discovery? The law of gravity to explain how a planet orbiting its parent star can affect. And do not forget the laws of motion which describes the period, mass, and distance of objects around a star. All that is born of the genius of Newton's brain three and a half centuries ago!
Incidence of apple fall inspired Newton to discover the laws that became known as the "Law of Style Weight (Gravity) Newton (1687)". It appears that, with the help of Newton's Law of Style Weight this, we begin to understand the origin of the cause of the fall of the apple in the earth's surface. And thus revealing clearly what causes attraction of apple fruit (by weight of Newton's Law of Force) and why it should fall to the surface of the earth (via Newton's Law of Motion).

Newton discovered the force of law formulation weight through an inspiration that came suddenly. Apparently not! Newton's theory of birth through a long process which was opened by the ideas of Copernicus, was pioneered by a pile of data Tycho Brahe, and who later worked on by Kepler. Newton's own discovery efforts with diligence be obtained through a time-consuming for scientists to understand the third. In fact, in 1666 he still does not understand it. Assumption about gravity saved by Newton for itself for decades.

Apple fruit itself is not anything. It just a twin of the full moon puzzle. Apples fall to earth, so did the moon come out from the straight path, around the earth. Apple and the moon is a coincidence.

In the study in his garden, and in contemplation of a self without stopping, and his reason are always filled with geometry modes and a new analysis, Newton makes the relationships between various domains of thought that are far apart. However, he was still not convinced. Calculations are still doubtful, he could only find the answers approach. He sought precision rarely found, beyond the ones permitted by the existing supporting data at that time.

With a variety of scientific work accomplished, Newton wrote a book Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, where the book is described on the general theory of gravitation, based on the discovery of laws of motion, where the object will be drawn down because the force of gravity.

Just around the year 1916, about two centuries after Newton's law suggests weight, refined Newton's theory into a form that is more general and fundamental. This is done by scientist Albert Einstein (1879-1955), through a very famous theory, theory of general relativity. This theory seems replaces Newtonian mechanics and Newton's Theory of Style Weight. But Einstein showed, if the speed of moving objects smaller than the velocity of light weight and strength of magnetic field is weak, then the relevant equations of motion and force field equations are also weighing the same as belonging to Newton.

Solitude is an essential part of his genius. He was afraid of publicity, to avoid criticism and controversy, and would prefer not disseminate the findings of its revolutionary, if only not urged his colleagues. Fame enshrined in the medals, and its findings extolled in poetry.

"I do not know how the world looked at me," he said before he died, "but I myself looked at me like a kid who bet the sand on the beach, great looking smooth rocks and beautiful shells, while the vast ocean of truth inaccessible to me. " The parable that inspires this much quoted for centuries afterwards.
Until now, sir newton fixed in recalled by everyone, his diakrena pemikran contribution on the science of gravity. If you think I wish it was not his falling apple, jackfruit eg whether it is Sir Newton's still able to think about the science of gravity, according to the author sir newton would rush back home to take a saw and cut the tree.
Search tool in cyberspace ( ) dedicate one day a picture view of lush apple trees, to celebrate the birthday of Sir Newton. This is a form of appreciation of the world community against Sir Newton.

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